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I am Taito Takamiya, big brother of Kaito Takamiya. I am.....was a vampire hunter. I was turned by a pureblood vampire, but...i hope....i believe i can overcome my hunger. Time will only tell whether i can beat this desire...or become a beast in human form.

{RolePlaying Blog} (City: Caledonia)
[Character is from Vampire Knight, only shows up in the second story of the novel 'Vampire Knight: Ice Blue Sin' ]
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He can’t possibly forgive Zero’s existence any longer?





                                                           t h i n k


                                                                                            is ?

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bitchin ~ damn fan girls and their hornyness clouding their judgment. 

*Seductively lays on a table* Hey bab- *Table breaks*

"……Are you alright? That looked like it hurt…" 

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[Text] Wooooot Tatio is so mean, imma cry. You said you'd drink with meee, but now I drink by me self. and now looook I messed up!!!!!!!!!!!@

[text] i never said to take alcohol with your meds! and you cant drink yet anyhow…

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taitotakamiya said: kaito doesnt show up in the anime


Only in the manga then? I just finished episode one, already like Zero. He’s bit cloud minded but at least he’s not googly eyed and knees deep in love on the vampires |D

he is only in the manga yes. Bc VK never got a third season. So no Kaito and most of the actual good characters that come later. 

Zero & kaito are the better characters

[Text] Ffffff wot, no I can. I'm old enough noooow. Bakakaka

[text] no one at any age is suppose to do that bigger BAKA!

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Garry ever so casually sneaks up behind Taito and drapes himself against his back. "Wutcha doin', good lookin'?~"

"Hmm? Ah, Garry. Where have you been?" At least his surprise hugs were less intense. He was old and his back couldnt take much more.


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-Gives his husband a kiss- "Taito, I've missed you terribly."



Taito looked up at his husband, smiling. He was happy to receive a kiss from Kaname out of nowhere.

"Ah, is that so husband? To be honest, I have to say im glad to hear you say that….since you disappeared and left me for so long." He pretended to pout, making a sad face.

The king purred, giving his husband a smile. “Oh I would never take something that precious from you Taito, but I wouldn’t be opposed to seducing it from you one day.” Grinning, Kaname reached his hands up and gently dragged his fingers down Taito’s back, creating small circles in a rubbing motion.

One thing that did cross his mind about his husbands level is that he didn’t know how his lover bad been turned. Since he’d obivously been bitten once upon a time. Pushing his fingers through Taito’s hair, Kaname kissed his husbands temple.

"I wish to give you so much attention."


Taito gave crooked smile. The thought of Kaname seducing him was a bit amusing. Just how would his husband go about doing that sort of thing anyhow?

"Mmmm, it….won’t be….hard." But maybe it would. Remembering how he was turned was frightening. Maybe he would react badly if Kaname bit him. That was worrisome. But he shouldnt think that way.  

"You….you give more than enough.."

when someone’s flaws are not flaws in your eyes, you’re fucked.
—(via girlchoking)
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[Text] hahah ah silly taitoooo, i i took me meds with itttt ;4

[text] yeah, you’re not suppose to do that….baka

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